Operating Systems and Network Security

This is the module web page for Operating Systems and Network Security (see module specification).

All teaching material written by myself (ie. Dr. Carl Pulley) is placed within this site's resource blog. By subscribing to this blog, you get to see when new material has been released or updated. My teaching materials may also be accessed by clicking on the relevant teaching week link under Teaching Materials on this page's sidebar.

Important Notes

This year the term 2 material has been rejigged to incorporate memory analysis techniques into the Operating Systems material (yes, we can now look at malware infected memory samples!). We plan to utilise the Python Volatility framework to aid in the understanding of key memory data structures.

Software Requirements

VMWare virtual machines will be used on this course. In particular, we shall make use of two specific virtual machines:

  • term 1: we will use an Ubuntu virtual machine (see Ubuntu 10.04 to download this machine) equipped with tools for performing and building network scanners
  • term 2: we will use a Windows virtual machine (due to license and copyright restrictions, this virtual machine will not be made available outside of the networking lab) equipped with tools and frameworks for building and scripting debuggers and disassemblers.

Only these virtual machines will be supported on this module.