Term 1

Week 1Anatomy of a Malicious Attack
Week 2Ethics and Legalities of Hacking
Week 3Fuzzing: Basics
Week 4Fuzzing: Network Protocols and Sulley
Week 5Fuzzing: FTP Clients
Week 6Assessing Web Applications: Discovery and Auditing
Week 7Assessing Web Applications: Exploitation
Week 8Reading and review week
Week 9Autopsy, Report Writing, Referencing and Time
Week 10File System Forensics: FAT and File Carving
Week 11File System Forensics: Ext3
Week 12File System Forensics: NTFS

Term 2

Week 13The Trojan Defense
Week 14Hooking
Week 15DLL and Code Injection
Week 16Reverse Engineering: Behavioural Analysis
Week 17Reverse Engineering: Code Analysis
Week 18Memory Forensics
Week 19Memory Forensics
Week 20Reading and review week
Week 21Registry Analysis
Week 22Intrusion Detection Systems and Log Analysis
Week 23Case Study
Week 24TBD