Relational Databases and Web Integration

This is the module web page for Relational Databases and Web Integration (see module specification).

All teaching material written by myself (ie. Dr. Carl Pulley) is placed within this site's resource blog. By subscribing to this blog, you get to see when new material has been released or updated. My teaching materials may also be accessed by clicking on the relevant teaching week link under Teaching Materials on this page's sidebar.

Software Requirements

We will be primarily operating within an Ubuntu environment. All files will be edited with simple text editors such as vi, scitex or gedit. The UNIX command line will be used a lot here!

For the PHP teaching, we will use the PHP/MySQL server as setup on the helios web server. Access to this server will be via sftp, phpMyAdmin, etc.

For the Ruby on Rails teaching, we shall use the same VMWare virtual machines (see Ubuntu 10.04 virtual machine) as you may be using on other modules (eg. CIS2390, Operating systems and Network Security).