Term 1

Week 1NICs; MAC addresses; ARP and ARP poisoning
Week 2IP; TCP; kernel routing; network sniffing; OS fingerprinting
Week 3UDP; ICMP; packet crafting
Week 4Port scanning; monitoring NIC traffic
Week 5Firewalls; stateful packet filtering; NAT
Week 6DHCP; DHCP spoofing
Week 7DNS; DNS spoofing and poisoning
Week 8Reading and review week
Week 9NetBIOS; SMB; CIFS; Enumeration Techniques
Week 10Wireless networking; spoofing APs
Week 11WEP cracking; WPA attacks
Week 12Hacking Exercise

Term 2

Week 13File Systems: FAT and Ext3
Week 14File Systems: NTFS
Week 15File Systems: RAID Arrays
Week 16Memory Management
Week 17OS Booting Process and Process Data Structures
Week 18Processes: Control and Debugging
Week 19Authentication and Authorisation
Week 20Reading and review week
Week 21Research Festival
Week 22Function Calling Conventions and Stack Layout
Week 23Buffer Overflows: Basics
Week 24Buffer Overflows: Exploitation and Mitigation
Week 25TBD