October 2008 to February 2012

School of Computing and Engineering, University of Huddersfield

Part-time Lecturer

Higher level web programming (e.g. Ruby on Rails and PHP/MySQL), server/network administration and security (with custom OS debuggers and network scanners built in Python).

Higher and masters level reverse engineering (e.g. using PaiMei, BinNavi and IDA Pro), ethical hacking and computer forensics (e.g. using Autopsy, FTK, EnCase and Volatility).

Masters level advanced OO programming with JML based assertional programming, reflection techniques, and aspect-oriented programming.

Introductory and higher level C++ programming and design modules.

August 2004 to February 2012

Part-time Software Engineer

Part-time self-employed Software Engineer, specializing in:

  • the application and usage of open-source software to build secure and high-reliability software products
  • and the building of modern Rails/Javascript web applications.