September 1997 to August 2004

School of Computing and Engineering, University of Huddersfield

Senior lecturer

Responsible for the teaching of introductory and advanced Java programming and program design modules to all levels of degree students.

Courses taught using software (written by myself) that automatically analyses (via a mixture of JUnit test suites and ESC/Java driven program analysis) and generates formative feedback (via XML and XSLT) on student programming solutions every 24 hours. In doing this, student programming and design skills significantly improved.

Other responsibilities include the development and validation of new courses (eg. BSc(Hons) Secure and Forensic Computing degree program and Declarative Architectures), supervision of PhD and MSc research students and a lead role within the departmental and school admission teams (responsible for: the development of recruitment and assessment strategies; designing, organising and developing laboratory sessions for applicants).

Research Students

Mathew Ford - PhD applying compilation techniques to the analysis of railway signaling systems

Flavia Mongini - MSc applying category theory to formal concept analysis and decomposition theory